FISH Revitalization Project

update 2024

FISH Revitalization Project

Providing Housing and Training for up to 36 Families -

Moving them from Minimum Wage to Meaningful Careers

Great news!  

We now have a “certificate of occupancy” for our first apartment tower, so students are able to start moving in.  As you drive by the site, you will see a few student vehicles in the back parking lot and fewer construction vehicles.  Unfortunately, we got occupancy in early March, more than a month after most colleges started their spring semester.  Some of those on our waiting list needed to find other housing since we could not predict when they could move in.  Fortunately, we were able to place a few students in our other transitional housing units, and now we can have the others move in directly.


If you recall, this will provide housing for individuals and their families, once they are accepted in a technical certificate training program in the trades and medical field, i.e. Nursing, Construction Management, IT, Advanced Manufacturing, Journeymen Electrician, HVAC, CDL Truck Driving, and more.

The second apartment tower will also be used for students and should be ready for occupancy in April. commercial building is expected to be ready in May, and to get occupancy, we need to finish the landscape//sidewalks in front of the commercial building, install our playground  and gazebo equipment on the East side of the apartments.  The grills, tables, swings, play structures, and gazebo will cost about $100,000. We are starting fundraising for those items now so occupancy for the entire site will not be delayed (For details, see playground fundraising on the web:



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For 43 years, FISH has been working to meet the needs of those in need by providing various resources and referrals to help individuals and families overcome the hardships they face. Our goal is to ensure that those willing to help themselves will not go without food or other necessities crucial to obtaining dignity and self-sufficiency. Our social workers, doctors, nurses, and other staff/ volunteers have earned us multiple honors in our region. We develop individual plans for our clients to identify their needs and provide appropriate care/training, so they accomplish individual goals to change behaviors. With changed behaviors, clients change their lives.

The most significant issues in our region are the lack of affordable housing and skilled labor to fill jobs that regional employers require. FISH believes the best approach is not to build more affordable housing but to develop a workforce that doesn't rely on affordable housing. This project will serve a new level of clients. We are looking for those with a solid work history and academic skills to succeed in higher education. These are individuals that should have attended college but, for one reason or another, did not. In our beta program, we discovered that most of these students are single parents. FISH has found that when children see their parents doing homework, they are more serious about their role as a student. Therefore, we determined that everyone in the family will receive age-appropriate training so that we can impact generational poverty as the families transition out of our program.

Our project’s primary goal is to provide a supportive and stable living environment for individuals/families while the underemployed adults focus on technical training. This will take them from minimum wage to meaningful careers that provide healthcare and additional training/development opportunities. College-level technical training will be provided by partner organizations, like Western Nevada College, to meet the needs of regional employers (medical, IT, HVAC, manufacturing, long-haul trucking, etc.). We have started construction on the two apartment/family dormitory towers, which should be completed by August 2023 (just in time for the fall semester). Once completed, FISH will provide not only housing but training for all members of the family so that they may have the necessary skills to move forward in society with renewed job opportunities. FISH and its partners will use various funding sources (HUD vouchers, Pell grants, etc.) to offset participant costs through graduation and initial employment. We will then work with the families to transition to other housing as they grow their financial resources. FISH is revitalizing Carson City’s downtown, workforce, and, most importantly, families.



giving levels
Sponsorship and naming recognition opportunities are available. Those who would like to take part in this massive community project have the opportunity to sponsor a portion of the apartment towers and commercial buildings, which includes recognition and naming rights. Your involvement in this project means that fewer families in our community will need to rely on low-income housing in order to thrive. Rather, they will have stable, high-pay and high-demand, careers that will support themselves and their families.



Progress! Progress! Progress!

Construction is taking shape in Downtown Carson City!

Client Success Story

Sarah and her daughter Morgan successfully completed technical training at Western Nevada College and are now fully employed in their specialized field.





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